Slutbox — New Game Reward

We have added a new feature in this update — slutboxes. Now you can get a daily 100% guaranteed prize for the first quick completed game. Inside the box can be coins, berries, character or room customization items, and poses.

How it works

Get one slutbox every day for the first completed quick game. Games by invitation do not count. Only a quick game. Each time you open a slutbox, you get a random prize based on that slutbox‘s drop rates.

After completing your first a quick game, a slutbox will appear in the main menu. You just have to open it and get a prize.

New day starts at 00:00 (UTC)

Drop Chance: 100%

What’s in the box

In a slutbox, you can find exclusive items that are not available for purchase in the in-game store. These are themed items that are only available on special dates. Slutboxes give you a chance to become the owner of a rare item.

You may also get:

coins — from 25 to 300 coins
berries — from 1 to 16 berries
Character customization — body settings, hairstyles, faces, eyes, clothes, tattoos
Poses and poses items
Room items


If you receive an item that is already in your possession or you cannot use it, you will be compensated 1/3 of its value in coins, no matter how many times it happens. If this item has a value in berries in the shop, you get double the value in coins.

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